"The pain is like taking a knife, jabbing it in behind the eye and turning it around."

—Anonymous Cluster Headache Sufferer


Objective: Create a website to raise awareness of cluster headaches, and the severe effect they have on both the patient and their loved ones, while subtly informing the audience of their therapy.

Product: ATI produces one of the only cluster headache therapies on the market today. They were in search of a new way to present the ordeal of experiencing a cluster headache and introduce their relief therapy. We began by creating a brand; first the logo and then the correlating system. A system that includes double exposure imagery, custom designed icons, and bold, colorful typography. With strategy in mind, the website was designed to inform the user of the many different headache types, then funnel them into a diagnosis intended to let them know if they are suffering from cluster headaches. This site is also a resource for current cluster headache sufferers and their loved ones.

Components: brand creation, web design, UI/UX, art direction


Created With: 
Verna Bhargava, Creative Director
Raynel Estrella, Designer
Matthew Heigl, Designer