"Like a time capsule, they are a souvenir of your experiences and your stories."

—Verna Bhargava, Creative Director


Objective: Create a speculative system to unite the Levis in store tag system; including icons (501) jeans, and various jean styles.

Product: Levis is the heart of americana, when you wear Levi's you are making a statement. After days of research, humiliating personal stories about denim, and brainstorming, a few main concepts surfaced. I focused on two interactive tag concepts created to tell the story of denim; from the first wear to final thread. The overall takeaway being: denim is a living garment, it is personal, it scars, your denim tells your story.

Components: heavy in concepting, brand research, in-store design, physical design, art direction


Created With:
Verna Bhargava, Creative Director
Kelly Green, Designer