"A bustling neighborhood restaurant with a farm to table food concept."

—Sean Johnston


Objective: Design a brand for a booming south bay restaurant.

Product: Saltbox is the product of an ambitious chef, her business minded husband and their growing family. The Johnston's came to us wanting a fresh brand for their farm to table restaurant. Knowing Jen as the lead chef of Pixar, and Sean as a stern but sweet Irishman we knew we had our work cut out for us. Our process began with pure ideation; sketches upon sketches of logos, which quickly shifted to the sophisticated hand made feel for the menus and business cards. Being part of the project from the start, we had a unique opportunity to have our hands in everything from the brand, to the signage, to the interior of the space.

Components: identity, branding, interior design, environmental design

Lead Designer
Art Director

Created With:
Jim Taylor, Creative Director
Angel Cho, Designer
Tiffany Shih, Designer